Keith LittlewoodKeith has been involved in the health fitness and wellbeing industry for 15 years and after working for a variety of organisations working as a trainer for the likes of Matt Robert. He has since worked at the prestigious Bowskill clinic where he worked across the world conducting rehabilitation and conditioning programs in Indonesia, The Bahamas and America.

After studying a variety of courses in performance and wellbeing Keith studied extensively with the CHEK Institute in San Diego and other world leaders in the field such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation, Neuro orthopaedics, biomechanics, functional medicine and nutrition.

His truly holistic approach has enabled him to work with a wide variety of people who had previously not achieved their targets. From pain relief and corrective exercise to dealing with more complex issues such as chronic fatigue and other auto immune diseases, his no stone unturned approach has had amazing results with many clients.

CHEK Practicioner