Adrenal fatigue or reductionist thinking? Part 2: Restoration of metabolic processes

 Restoration of metabolic process- lowering the adrenal load. Sugar, fat and other mal-aligned  factors. Saturated fat is bad for you, so they said but it clearly wasn’t. Now it’s sugars turn. Sugar causes diabetes, cancer and many other modern conditions, Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue or Reductionist Thinking?

  Here is the first part of my article, which published in the May 2014, Womens Health and Fitness Magazine. Adrenal fatigue or reductionist thinking? Often, being given a distinct diagnoses that can relate to modern living can   make sense Continue reading

Nutrition and Exercise dogma

If you haven’t yet met someone who has recommended you either some form of diet or a type of exercise, you are unique, in fact a real rarity, and somewhat lucky. The fitness and wellness industry is awash with much Continue reading

Feeling the reflux burn?


Are you feeling the burn? 4 reasons why you have acid reflux (or just reflux). I don’t know how many clients I saw last year who came to me with reflux. You know that burning sensation in the windpipe. It’s Continue reading

When acceptance is just not acceptable: how to make homemade formula


Here’s why I decided to use homemade formula The world in which we live often creates an acceptance of certain conditions. However some conditions should not just be accepted as acceptable. As a father for the second time we had Continue reading