Nutrition and Exercise dogma

If you haven’t yet met someone who has recommended you either some form of diet or a type of exercise, you are unique, in fact a real rarity, and somewhat lucky. The fitness and wellness industry is awash with much Continue reading

Feeling the reflux burn?


Are you feeling the burn? 4 reasons why you have acid reflux (or just reflux). I don’t know how many clients I saw last year who came to me with reflux. You know that burning sensation in the windpipe. It’s Continue reading

When acceptance is just not acceptable: how to make homemade formula


Here’s why I decided to use homemade formula The world in which we live often creates an acceptance of certain conditions. However some conditions should not just be accepted as acceptable. As a father for the second time we had Continue reading

The difference between mobility and stability issues

Stability Issues Video

Do you have an injury that keeps reoccurring? Finding the difference between mobility and stability issues can be the key to eradicating pain for good If you have ever suffered from an injury and there was no difference made between Continue reading

Getting to the core and why you have back pain despite rock hard abs!

why you get back pain, DNS

The concept of ‘core’ conditioning has evolved significantly since the millennium and there have often been some common misunderstandings of the mechanisms, which can increase the prevalence of back pain. I know because I taught them in an inappropriate way, Continue reading

Coconut oil, its protective effects both cellular and shellular.

Image-1 (2)

I have written many times on why saturated fats have many proven benefits over unsaturated fats and the risk they pose. This blog is a brief summary of how and why coconut oil can be used for both cellular and Continue reading