Kick ass pate

Tommo’s Chicken Liver pate (al orange!)  Gluten and dairy free

Clients are often asking me for recipes for different foods, so until I manage to write my own cookbook this should go some way to appeasing them. I often actively encourage clients to make use of organic organ meats, especially the liver as it has a good amount of protein and vitamin A amongst others and assists in thyroid function, gene transcription, eyesight and immune system function. We often used to consume a lot more of the whole animal (see previous posts on gelatin) to glean more nutrients that balance the consumption of muscle meats alone.  This pate dish is great to take along to work and have with carrots or sticks of cucumber and the best part its gluten free. I also made this dairy free as I am not handling casein/dairy to well at the moment but you can substitute the coconut oil with butter and cream if you so wish. Dairy often gets a bad press but if your gut can tolerate it isn’t a food that should be restricted from your diet for long periods

Here’s what you need:

Chicken livers, Half a roasted squash, 2 oranges, Coconut oil, Maple syrup, Thyme, 1 small red onion, Salt & pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, Dried chilli.

Here’s what you do….                                                                                    

  • Soften the onions with a large dollop of coconut oil in a big pan
  • Add the chicken livers and brown off                                                                 
  • In a mortar and pestle grind down  the  garlic adding thyme, chilli, salt and pepper
  • Squeeze two fresh oranges and add to mortar, spoon around the edges to get  the paste
  • Add  half of roasted squash and a gulp of syrup with the contents of the mortar to thelivers
  • Cook for another 10 minutes, so that the squash has become part of the juice of the livers
  • Once the livers are cooked and there is little or no blood oozing from them take off the heat
  • Mix in a blender and add another large dollop of coconut oil       until it’s looking like a paste
  • Pour contents into a glass or ceramic bowl
  • Allow to cool, then place into a fridge to set

I think this goes well with some buckwheat crisp breads, with nori seaweed on top, or with some vegetables, if you prefer. Whatever you do it tastes great and will help to give you variety that tastes pretty good.

Remember good food with the right type of exercise goes along way to healing your gut and mind, get in touch if you experience pain, fatigue, energy, sleep, skin and other problems.

What does gluten actually do?

You’ll often read the words gluten-free on some packaging these days, or hear someone requesting wheat or gluten-free products at the cafe or shops. For most people the word gluten sensitivity conjours up belching tummies and a whiff of odd smells.

But there is good reason to understand what gluten is and does to you because as problem foods go, it’s up there with the best of them! It has been shown to be a precursor to diseases such as IBS, Crohns disease and Ulceratve Colitis to name a few!

We have been commercially farming grains which contain gluten for a few thousand years now and the quality of the grain has become less and less with the over farming of soils coupled with added chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. The impact of gluten is heightened by the processing of the original grain to a state so far away from the product that mother nature intended for us, that it is perceived as a threat by your body.

The protein gluten produces an IgA or antibody that the body produces as a safety mechanism against the destructive properties of gluten. Your gut has a lining called SIgA which is a mucosal lining of the gut and digestive tract. This is the first line of defence for the immune system where it helps to destroy bacteria, fungus and parasites that can often inhabit us when our body’s defences are running low. Gluten can help to decimate this mucous membrane that is so vital to our health.

Gluten is found in most grains, including wheat, rye, spelt and oats whilst not containing gluten contain very similar properties to gluten that have a similar effect. It is approximated that 60-65% of fair-skinned people in the world are sensitive to grain and gluten consumption.  There are two key things to remember why gluten has developed into a mainstream problem. 1.  the quality of grains consumed by the public and

2. Our exposure to gluten has been a progressive bombardment through this century, by the grain industry elluding the facts theat cereals and grains are a real healthy food. Even when I studied to become a fitness instructor we were lectured that consuming high levels of grains was the key to health. Cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for dinner. In a lot of cases this healthy eating plan is a factor in weight gain, obesity and decimated digestive health.

Furthermore you can even link back pain to over consumption of grains. if a food intolerance or sensitivity goes unchecked the nerves that feed key stabilising muscles and part of the digestive system become confused with the reflex created by a dysfunctional gut and subsequent bloating can shut down the key stabilising muscles causing pain .

Find out more about food and its effect on posture

Here’s a few pointers on some indicators of gluten sensitivity.

1 Farting, belching, loose stools or constipation, acid reflux, abdominal cramps to name a few.

What can you do to help heal the gut?

It can take the gut a year to heal and have the right levels of lining if you follow these key tips

Well one of the first things I get all my clients to do is to stop eating any grains for a 3-6 month period. It is also beneficial to remove pasteurised dairy products and sugar, including alcohol from the diet for at least three months.

One of the key things that I eat is gelatin from boiled organic chicken carcasses. This broth contains key proteins that help rebuild the lining and compounds that help the digestion of food.There’s a great book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon that has a heap of good stock recipes. I like to have it for breakfast with a boiled egg, spinach leaves and some chicken meat as a tasty ramen, instead of a bowl of cereal or toast!

Some clients don’t have the time for this and a daily supplement of key proteins such as glycine and arginine help to replenish and heal the gut over time. You can re-introduce good quality grains into your diet but limit them to once or twice a week!

Removing gluten from your diet is one of many key processes for optimal health be it for weight loss, balanced emotions or reducing pain syndromes.

How to lose weight and balance energy and emotions effectively, without biting you in the arse

Many people often jump into a dieting strategy at least once throughout the year, with the common themes of overeating at christmas, holidays and easter etc. However most people also make some very common mistakes when it comes to losing that unwanted excess weight. These are:

Cutting back on calories
Restricting fat and cholesterol
Skipping meals
Eating high carbohydrate, low fat diets such as the food pyramid


Following a diet that their friend is doing or following an exercise regime that has reaped good effects.

A real simple way of explaining why these factors don’t work for a lot of people can be summed up in old addage that ‘one man’s food is another mans poison.’  Literally the need for fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is as individual as your thumbprint!  Medical researchers know this that’s why for a medical research trial to be hailed effective it only needs a success rate of about 30%. This is because of biochemical individuality and it makes it inherently difficult to predict how chemicals will react in a majority of the population.

This can be seen in the difference in eating habits of indigenous tribes such as the eskimo’s who would eat a diet of 80-90% fat and protein, however give that to a group of people south of the equator and you may have a very different reaction to the long lives and good health experienced by Inuit’s. So lets take a look at why some of the above factors don’t work.

Cutting back on calories and restricting fat and cholesterol

Cutting back on calories can for some people in the short have some effect on weight loss. However long term strategies are completely impossible to maintain. As each bodies requirement for nutrients is different the need for calories is different and those who restrict on diet plans such as the 1500 kcals or lower  calorific consumption are effectively starving themselves. More often than not people will often cut back on fat. This creates a demand for fat storing enzymes to be created.

We often cut back fat as goal for health improvements but what most people don’t know is that there is more risk associated with low fat/cholesterol diets than higher fat diets with the increase of cancers and stroke. Further more cholesterol eaten has very little impact on the amount of cholesterol found in the blood and at a cellular level. The liver produces cholesterol as a precursor for all of the major hormones from testosterone to estrogen. This can also affect the thyroid gland and create havoc with a balanced metabolism. What I am not saying is that you need to go out and eat copius amounts of fat. What I am saying is, find out how you metabolise fats, proteins and carbs to work out your ideal ratios.  There is a system called metabolic typing that can really get to the bottomof your genetic basis for food requirements. However one thing that you can do to get started is try eating a meal of just fat and protein and see how you feel 1-2 hours after that meal. You can try the converse of that and try eating a meal that is high in carbs and again note your craving levels, emotions and energy levels 1-2 hours afterwards.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals can help to raise cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects are ability to maintain a balance of food metabolism. Furthermore we all have elevated cortisol levels from the multiple forms of stress such as environmental toxins, taxes, relationships, work, poor exercise programs such as excessive cardiovascular training. This can create further fat storing enzymes and if we are constantly exposed to excessive cortisol production we can reach adrenal fatigue which certainly inhibit any chances of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight.

Here are some top tips for acheiving optimal weigh and energy levels as well as balanced emotions.

1. Do get yourself metabolically typed

2. Don’t follow any diet in any magazine or newspaper

3. Do get a bespoke training program that is geared around your body, not someone elses

4. Never Cut calories

5. Drink plenty of mineral or filtered water  multiply your body weight by 0.03 to give your amount in litres of water each day.

6. Become aware of what your body needs by listening to it more often

You can always email me direct for more advice

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So you think that you’re healthy?

Becoming healthy often seems to be quite easy to acheive these days, especially if you go by many organisation’s guidelines these days. For example to be healthy we are told to eat five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day combined with large amounts of fiber with each meal and cutting calories. Or we are told to do at least half an hour of cardiovascular exercise each day to stay fit and healthy.

So we follow these guidelines, in fact so many of my clients come to me and say they eat a healthy diet, and say ‘I have cereal for breakfast, brown bread sandwich for lunch and pasta and vegetables for supper,’ they also exercise doing plenty of cardio each week, yet still find it difficult to achieve their targets of losing weight, gaining more energy or getting rid of their long standing back pain. But they think they are being extremely healthy, however there are many hidden stressors that they are not aware of.

Here’s why, most of the advice that people receive from media and some organizations is flawed! Modern living provides us with many stressors that the body has to overcome to achieve homeostasis or reach equilibrium of the trillions of cellular functions. Furthermore each and every one of us has specific needs for nutrition, there’s no such thing as a healthy diet and to follow a healthy diet for one person will lead to disease in the other. Take a look at the diagram below and you can get a snapshot of the many stressors that the body is exposed to on a daily basis.


Physical stress can be divided into two categories anabolic/building, or catabolic/destructive. Our body is exposed to gravity on a daily basis for which we have to overcome. Poor posture from excessive seated position, cardiovascular exercise and machine weights can be categorised as catabolic. Good quality primal pattern exercises that encourage the squat, lunge, bend, twist, push, pull can be categorised as anabolic as long as the body is well aligned to complete the exercise without deleterious effects. If physical stress, say from a painful knee is not relieved when we sleep, it creates additional chemical and psychic stress which can impact on your choice of nutrition, when you fail to get adequate levels of good quality sleep.


The chemical stress that we experience has multiplied by thousands of % with the advent of the industrial revolution. Randolph States that there are over four million chemicals registered in the US (and that book was written in 1971!) You only need to open your cupboard under the sink to see the myriad of inorganic compounds in the sprays and detergents that we are supposed to clean our houses with. Within our foods your only need to look at the back of most food packaging to see unpronounceable chemical names to see the exposure to further chemical stresses. Tap water now contains tens of thousands of chemicals that we are told have no impact on human function. Ames & Gold state that low level doses of these chemicals do not create lesions on human DNA which create cancers! How can an assay accurately predict how thousands of chemicals interact, when there are such large fluctuations at any given time, with any degree of accuracy?


With the advent of harnessed electrical power our bodies are exposed to high levels of stress that we will not fully understand the implications of, for maybe twenty years. In fact some experts are likening the exposure of Wi-Fi, mobile telecoms and the like to becoming the new lung cancer epidemic seen in the last century. France has now taken the step of banning all Wi-Fi from all schools and nurseries due to the concrete research of the interference to the developing brain. Try this for a test, my girlfriend pointed out, when she used to log onto our Wi-Fi, there were 9 other Wi-Fi signals beamed into our flat. Now add the mobile phone signals multiplied by how many service providers there are in your area to give you an idea of electromagnetic stress. The Sun provides with a positive form of electromagnetic stress that creates life, it also provides the human body with vitamin D.


Psychic stress is presented to us as soon as we are able to understand the notion of criticism or an inability to process thoughts that create negative thinking. The way we perceive that criticism can be largely due to our programming as a child in the formative years and so memetic dysfunction occurs. It can also be formed by positive or negative experiences that impact on how we process our emotions. Consistently focusing on negative aspects of our lives is a form of negative psychic stress, instead of focusing on positive aspects of our lives. Failure to set goals and achieving can create a vicious cycle of negative psychic stress.


Have you ever eaten a food and not felt the best after eating it. You may have thought nothing of it or carried on and just got used to the sensation or emotional dis-chord from eating a poor choice. However nutrition isn’t as simple as watching the TV and hearing that these bran flakes are good for your health, or this soy product contains natural plant estrogens, so must be good for you! Our nutritional have been shaped by millions of years of evolution. Our current food choices have been dictated by the last 5,000-10,000 years of industrialized farming and years of marketing and deception. A simple self test for understanding genetic adaptation for food choices is to eat a food or selection of foods and note how you feel 1-2 hours after eating those foods. Try eating a meal high in fat and protein or a high carbohydrate meal. What have you experienced? An uplift of emotional well being, increased energy levels, improved focus and clarity? No? Chances are the food choice is a poor one or needs a change of ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to get the most from your food!


Any temperature that causes the body to increase or decrease in temperature is a form of thermal stress. Temperature of the body is inextricably linked to how acidic or alkaline our body’s are. Cold causes the body to be more acidic and often creates a faster metabolism, that’s why Eskimos can get away with eating a diet that has 80-90% fat and protein content and remain a paragon of healthy living!

Key steps to restricting your exposure to stress

Managing your exposure to these stressors is a key part of your goal setting for achieving your health and wellbeing targets. Follow these key steps to keep on the road to optimal health. Also consider having key clinical lab test such as digestive and hormonal tests to identify how strong your immune system is, what hormones are predominating over your body balance, and to determine what strategies you need to undertake to avoid wasting your time, energy and money which will create more stress!

Physical – Do strive for physical alignment, do complete a variety of exercises that create energy, do change your program at least every 6-8 weeks

Avoid doing an exercise just because you friend thinks it’s good, avoid working through pain!

Chemical – Do throw out all the chemicals in you flat create a toxic environment
Avoid any foods that create inorganic substances. Do Eat organic foods and avoid tap water.

Electromagnetic- do switch your mobile phone off when possible and do not carry in your pocket. Switch from WI-FI in your house back to cable, and spend time in nature. There are still plenty of places to go that don’t have Wi-FI and mobile phone signals.

Psychic- Do take 10 minutes out of your day to think about the positive things in YOUR life. If negative psychic stress is a constant in your life, set yourself targets to change that cycle.

Nutrition- Do read the metabolic type diet or get metabolically typed to understand what food choices build health and which don’t.

Thermal – Do get hot and cold, using an cold shower for one minute then a hot shower for a minute 3-5 times to help the body adapt to thermal stress and also help the body feel great after a training session. This will also help to eliminate any stiffness from a good dose of positive physical stress from a functional training program!

Here’s to reducing that stress!

Modern nutrition its effects on you and your children

After my recent holiday in cornwall, it really hit home how deviations from proper nutrition really is affecting the worlds population particularly the UK. On a five minute walk from the car to the beach, we counted 70 clinically obese individuals and stopped counting as the numbers just seemed to keep rising.

One of the most worrying factors that we should all consider is the significant impact that poor nutrition is having on our children, not just feeding them but pre conceptual nutrition is paramount. One of the many issues that can be seen in the children of all of the unhealthy parents that I saw, were children with abnormal head and face growth, overcrowded dental arches, and mouth breathers who will most likely be facing a life of ill health due to poor nutrition.

You only need to look at the research of Weston A Price, a dentist who toured the world in the early thirties and recorded may physical features of indigenous tribes, such as teeth, dental arches and cranio-facial growth. It was found all of the most isolated of cultures from Eskimo’s, Swiss, African tribes and may others, even outer hebredian communities, when feed with traditional, natural food sources, there was virtually no incidence of disease, dental problems or many of the other health issues associated with modern living. In fact the nutrition that had been in place forso long influenced the genetic make up for many thousands of years.

He noted that in these tribes for every 100 teeth assessed less than 0.1 % had the need for a dental filling. He then went to similar tribes of people that were located nearer to westernised cultures and found that many of the people who had been exposed to modern refined foods had  on average a 33%  need for fillings. He also observed many abnormal facial growths, poor dental formation and even reduced intelligence levels, as well as many modern diseases.

The point that I am trying to make, is that we all hold the key to the health of our children. The food that we eat has the capacity to create healthy children and moving away from foods such as sugar, commercially farmed grains, pasteurised dairy products and processed salt is the key to creating healthy children. Eating good quality organic foods is a must and getting adequate amounts of meat based proteins with each meal is a step in the right direction.

Eating cereal with pasteurised milk each day is an easy way to develop a food intolerance to grains and dairy! You can check out the article on my website, whats all the fuss about posture? at

You can also read a really good article by Paul Chek at

Eating healthy is harder to do these days because those that produce food aren’t concerned with making you and your children healthy but more with making a profit! Do you know how many foods are laced with poor food choices such as soy, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, gluten, processed and other denatured foods?

Too many to name on this blog! Taking a look at the way you eat should start today not tomorrow. An easy way to help you decide what to eat is, if it wasn’t around 10, 000 years ago don’t eat it! We all like to have a treat l so following a 80/20 % rule (80% good food choices to 20 % poor) is a good start. More often than not with clients who have significant health problems it may be that a 100% rule has to be adhered to in order to build health.

My advice is don’t wait until you or your children get sick to make a change for the better.

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foundational principles of health

Why is it that people often fail to hit health and fitness targets?
Well, more often than not, most people tend to focus on superficial aspects such as getting a 6 pack, or gaining more muscle as well as more health driven goals like losing weight. However there are 6 key principles that can change the way you feel and think that pave the way to physical, chemical and emotional health.

The first one is thinking right. So often people set the pace of their strategy to setting effective goals that can be revisited on a regular basis, to check progress and enhance motivation. Unfortunately there are many negative thoughts that creep into indivividuals mind sets as to their own self worth and destructive patterns can emerge, engaging in self destructive habits and the like and throwing them off the course that they originally set.

Focusing on positive aspects of your life is often something that we forget to to do or take for granted but focusing on the things that make us proud or that bring a smile to our faces is a step to helping us acheive our goals and dreams.

The second factor is our breathing pattern. The way we breathe should not be taken lightly, as an inverted breathing pattern has the capacity to cause postural problems, pain syndromes, increase anxiety levels and even alter the acid/alkaline balance of your body. Literally the pain in your knee could well be related to the way you breathe. Therfore having your breathing pattern assessed is key aspect in your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Drinking good quality water is getting harder to do these days. the amount of chemicals that is found in our water supply is burdening our bodies and has been cited as a major contributer to infertility, cancer and a host of other issues including parasite infection. Drinking water from plastic bottles shouldn’t be considered a taboo if you can’t afford to have a decent water filter fitted to your home water supply.

Getting Metabolically typed, helps you to get a good grasp on what foods build health and which foods are a bad food choice. Based upon gentic needs such as pysiological, psychological and dietary traits, metabolic typing helps to build health and reverse disease as well as balancing energy emotions and body weight.

Functional exercise is the way to exercise that incorprates key movements, such as push, pull, lunge, twist, bend, squat and gait or running. Forget about exercising on machines that shut off key stabilising muscles and lead to injury. Why is that most people sit at a desk all day and then go and sit on an exercise machine in a very similar position?

Going to bed at 10pm might seem a little early but the longer you stay awake past this time increases the amount of stressful hormones that not only have a destructive effect on the body, they also speed up the aging process. getting to bed early helps our body to rest and regenerate and helps us recover for the adventure of the next day ahead.

Try following these six principles or find someone that can help you with these key health points!

Your Insides!

As well as working with clients on issues such as pain relief, strength and conditioning or improved sports performance. One of the areas I have to look at is how an individuals gut is working. This often involves a pre screen to give me an idea of how much inflammation is taking place within the small or large intestine or how well the immune system is functioning. As these ultimately have an impact on exercise programs.

Believe it or not you have great control over how strong your digestive tract and immune system functions. The quality and type of food and water is a choice that you can make to strengthen these systems.

More often than not when I recommend a lab test, I have a good idea of what will come back. I haven’t tested one client this year that has not tested positive for fungus or parasite overgrowth, usually both. These bacteria and organisms have shown that they can be pathogens in the disease process. It may sound something that you think would only happen in a foreign country but you can pick up such infections from drinking tap water, exposure to anti-biotics, even organic food if you fail to wash it properly.

There are many things to be considered when wanting to heal your gut, such as following a metabolic type diet, a variety of supplements and removing key culprits that inflame the gut such as gluten and dairy products.

It may take between 3 months to a year to heal yourself, but it is such a short space of time for you to notice big changes in energy, improved emotions, focus, motivation, libido, sleep quality and many more issues.

If you ever experience a dip in any of the above factors seriously consider having a Gasto-intestinal panel to rule out any complications.