Dubai Eye: Eye on Health – Hormones & Thyroid

Suzanne Radford and Keith Littlewood delve into the world of hormones, thyroid, they take a look at the environment and how it can affect our well-being, and as always, they discuss how to improve your digestion and your energy levels

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Pain and Dysfunction – Dubai Today – Eye on Health Radio Interview

Suzanne Radford is joined by Rehabilitation and Performance Coach Keith Littlewood of Scandinavian Health & Performance AS. They discuss pain and dysfunction, why skin and other tissues can be overlooked factors in people, why popping supplement pills isn’t the answer to resolving health issues and why metabolic issues do not simply come from over-eating, particularly so if damage occurs to the way we process energy.

Pain Management – Dubai Eye Podcast

On Dubai Today this morning, Keith Littlewood, our regular health, fitness and well-being expert from Scandinavian Health and Performance in Dubai joins us to take your questions.

Why your digestion holds the key to your health Dubai Eye Interview

What’s your gut telling you: why your digestion holds the key to your health. IBS? Bloating? Far from being isolated digestive disorders, these are now being linked with everything from osteoporosis to depression. Keith Littlewood from Balanced Body Mind joins us to answer your questions about performance, digestion and much more.

Dubai Today’s “Eye on Health” Mobility & Rehabilitation

On Dubai Today’s “Eye on Health” Suzanne is joined by Keith Littlewood from Balanced Body Mind. Paul Frangie joins us in studio to talk about how we can pair wellness with cooking healthy food.

Dubai Eye Interview: World Heart Day

The 29th of September is World Heart Day. Heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year and the numbers are rising. On Dubai Today Keith Littlewood, rehabilitation and performance coach, joins Suzanne in studio to take all your questions on pain, mobility, diet and digestion as well as talk about World Heart Day.

Latest Dubai Interview

Keith Littlewood joins Suzanne to talk back pain in dubai, postural issues and hormones. We also discuss health news on men gaining weight during wife’s pregnancy, and a new  study on diabetes in the UAE.

Find out some of many factors that affect your health, movement, sleep and energy.