Anatomy in Motion

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I am very excited to be hosting the Anatomy in Motion seminars here in Dubai.

Level One offers all the fundamentals of motion based anatomy to provide you with the skills to assess movement and it’s impact on posture and performance.

Anatomy in Motion takes you, the therapist, through a process designed to challenge and expand the way you think, grounded in biomechanics, to generate new appreciation and new ways of working with the human body that makes ‘unsolvable pain’ solvable.

The AiM method is an essential add on to your already honed therapy and training skills or may be used as a stand alone tool. 

All packaged up in a brand new way to assess and work with the human body using the AiM philosophy.

You will learn :

  • The Five Laws of human movement
  • To view the body as a whole and integrated three dimensional system
  • How muscles really work in motion
  • The 10 mistakes conventional therapists make
  • Basic foot biomechanics
  • How the foot influences the mechanics of motion
  • Joint motion analysis
  • Strategies to get people from pain to peak performance (even at Level One!)
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AiM Courses are a deep 3 Dimensional journey into the INCREDIBLE human walking gait and the philosophy around the body that we have embodied and live by!

  • In gait, the foot is on the ground for 0.65 – 0.85 seconds…
  • In that time, every joint should move in all of its dimensions AND interact with every other joint…
  • Law Two: Joints act, muscles react.
  • If all our joints are mobilising in all combinations of planes, all muscles should also move in all of their dimensions AND interact with every other muscle…
  • Why is a “healthy” “balanced” walking gait so important for your body… “walking is man’s best medicine” (Hippocrates).
  • Walking Gait is the FULLEST global interaction we can achieve..
  • You can find “what the foot” by Gary Ward here:
It is a 6 day “course” split into 2 modules and will deliver 80% of the “program” material.
Your total investment will be £1200 
How to book:
 The dates for the first two parts will be held on the following dates
12/13/14th  September and the 20/21/22st October 2014.
The Course will be held at SHP Jumeirah Golf Estates and for those in need of accommodation assistance please contact me directly:
You can find detailed information at the AiM website