Fully Functional Gut Course

Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut

The Holistic Approaches to a Fully Functional Gut is a two day comprehensive course on functional gutthe function and dysfunctions of the digestive tract.

(This course is a pre-requisite for attending the two-day parasite and fungal course)

Naturopathic nutritionist Emma Lane will take you on a guided tour of the digestive system explaining the normal digestive processes and the many things that can happen to interfere with them.

Drawing on her 20 plus years of experience and success in working with sufferers of digestive problems, Emma will provide in-depth education and understanding that will be immediately applicable and useable in your practise.

Common problematic digestive conditions such as constipation, duodenal / stomach ulcers, gall bladder and liver issues, diarrhoea and inflammatory bowel diseases will be covered and how you can differentiate between the many and often confusing symptoms and interpret the information to effectively create the best approach.

Guidelines on how on how to adjust for each individual’s requirements will be discussed. Emma will walk you through the successful Naturopathic approaches that she has found to be effective in producing the outcome of a healthy, fully functioning gastrointestinal system using only natural, safe, legal remedies and approaches.

3200AED (early bird price 2600AED if booked at least 6 weeks prior to course commencement)

Course dates: April 24th and 25th 2014

To book your place on the course please email: keith@balancedbodymind.com.

Places are limited so will be offered on a first come first served basis. A completed application form and a non – refundable deposit of 1200AED is required to secure your place. The balance is due 5 weeks before.