Foundational Five Core Workshop – improving core function.

The Foundational five workshop is for you if you are fed up of doing lots of correctives when it comes to core sequencing and conditioning.  In this seminar you will learn how to assess and change core function with methods that are efficient and effective for lasting change.

This course is ideal for the trainer, therapist, Physiotherapist, Chiropracter or anybody who wants to get a better understanding of the core and how to assess and improve its function. Breathing optimally is essential for improving stability, decreasing pain and improving performance. Many people do not assess breathing patterns  and fail to create lasting change with themselves and their clients.

In this seminar you will learn to review, assess and create change in the following areas.

*Breathing analysis*diaphragm resets* Core sequencing* Rolling patterns* Pre crawling*

Taking place  on Friday July 7th at Hapi-Warehouse 42-Alserkal avenue

Dubai. 1-4 pm.  Cost is 495AED per person.


Foundational five core workshop.

This course covers part of the full day breathing pattern analysis course but with more emphasis on implementing core corrective strategies. See here for more details



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