Hormones are key compounds that act as switches to turn on or off key functions of the glands which ultimately control areas such as metabolism, libido, energy and emotional health. There is a variety ways in which to analyse hormones, blood is often used and
SHPPcan be utilised with some effect. Saliva based analysis is more representative of what is going on at the cellular level and can provide a better picture of hormonal function.

Challenges to the hormonal system can be brought on by excessive stress, environmental issues, poor food choices, heavy metal exposure, mobile communication technology, low fat diets and many others. Whilst the hormonal system is complex analysing key areas and supporting with nutrition and supplements can go a long way to clearing long term health issues.

The labs that we use provide some of the best services globally for helping to identify areas of dysfunction, which can help pto provide key information for developing your nutrition and supplement strategy.

“I’ve been dealing with chronic/adrenal fatigue recovery for the past 5 years, having been to every medical and alternative specialist in the book looking for a good explanation of what was wrong with me and why I wasn’t bouncing back. I was sure that my system was depleted somehow but every test came back saying I was fine, which I clearly wasn’t.

I eventually found a good rehab personal trainer who helped me to re-integrate good basic habits like getting quality sleep, eating quality protein and doing the right type of exercise for my condition.  He also introduced me to Keith, who ran a series of tests looking at things I’d not ever heard mentioned in 5 years of speaking to experts. And it was through these tests that Keith found an amino-acid deficiency that could be supplemented with tyrosine, which is making a big difference. I’m now about to go through the next steps of improving my digestive health, which was assessed and found to be below par, which Keith is overseeing and which I believe will be another big step towards getting back to full health.”