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Improving energy and digestion


” Working with Keith provide a relatively simple way to sort out some digestive issues without medication. I was able to simply incorporate his suggestions into my personal routine and I definitely saw results within a matter of weeks. The adjustments to my diet did not require dramatic changes, and are therefore easy to maintain, and happily, the problems have not returned. ” M

Two of the most common complaints that are rife in the modern world are poor digestion and low energy levels. They tend to creep up on us over time, with the lesser symptoms going unnoticed. So how do you know if you have these issues? Well literally you may just have low energy, suffering from crashes in the morning or afternoon and poor digestion. As a rule I tend to ask the following questions to prospective clients:

1. Do you have good energy? Defined as upon waking until the evening with no drops mid-morning or afternoon.

2. Do you have good digestion? Not constipated, 1-3 time daily. Well formed and not alternating between loose stools or constipation.

3. What’s your sleep like? There’s no doubt that deep restorative sleep is essential for producing hormones that deal with the stress of living. Short or broken sleep can inhibit these hormones and can be present due to digestive dysfunction, stress (physical, chemical and emotional), environmental factors and hormonal considerations.

4. Are you in pain? There’s no doubt that structural/mechanical issues can create pain responses but there is overwhelming evidence to biochemical considerations in the development of pain. Thyroid, adrenal/cortisol hormones are implicated in pain syndromes from a bio-chemical perspective.

5. Do you feel emotionally balanced throughout the day? Naturally there can be other factors that contribute to issues such as anxiety and balance. Your mood can often give a good reflection of blood sugar levels and energetic processes.

6. Do you have a healthy libido? Yes, your drive to reproduce or engage in the act of reproduction also gives a good indicator of energetic and hormonal balance. It is often one of the first aspects of function to diminish when exposed to stress and metabolic disturbances.

Chances are, like some, you are answering that at least two or more of these are not as optimal as they could be. How did you get like this? There can be many factors that contribute to poor energy and digestive function. Our environment can pose many burdens on the human body and mind. Some mange to thrive, others not as good as others.  The common theme to address these issues is often exercising more and eating less or a so called healthy diet.

The paradox is that the harder you push yourself whilst eating less and eating plenty of the so called healthy foods, we lose sight of what our body needs, in order to meet the challenges of exercise, cognition and becoming robust.

This 12 week program addresses the issues above, using basic diagnostic testing that costs you nothing and doesn’t require regular expensive testing and unnecessary supplements.

Many clients often ask me what my qualifications are within these areas. Whilst I gained knowledge of nutrition as part of my degree in fitness and health, Functional medicine as part of the IFM’s Applied Functional Medicine in clinical practice, metabolic typing and holistic lifestyle coaching.  Most of the valuable knowledge I gained was from studying and reading the works of  pioneering scientists such as Broda Barnes, Ray Peat, Albert Szent Györgi, Hans Selye, Walther Cannon and other great researchers from the last century. Ultimately I gained the most insight from being coached from a state of fatigue and stress, exercising hard and not giving my body what it needed.

To find out more about improving your digestion, energy and desire for life and how the program works, please get in touch.

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