Golf and back pain tend to go hand in hand at some point in a golfers life,and for that

golfmatter most sports that involve either high velocity rotation, fixed position or repetitious movement patterns that fail to stimulate and train antagonistic, stabilisor or neutralising muscles. However, it needn’t be this way and with an appropriate conditioning and performance program, back pain can be eliminated, elevating your game to the astonishment of your fellow players.

Why do golfers get back pain?lumbar spine

Well there’s the obvious reason of swinging a club at 900 degrees per second, which is akin to an athletic sport such as throwing a javelin to which many golfers are unaware of the need of such athletic conditioning. Many golfers tip up to the golf course after spending a minimum of four hours in a seated position, which creates patterns of dysfunction on top of the repetitive nature of golf. If a correct mobilisation and stability program is not utilised then spinal pathologies and movement dysfunction ensues.

The combination of rotation and flexion can often leave the spine open to destructive forces and a common orthopaedic concern is called a spondylolisthesis.  The pars articularis which is part of the spine breaks away from the vertebral body and damages the discs of the spine and pain often ensues, along with surgery if the correct rehab program is not conducted.

Other common golfing injuries are.

  • Neck strain, cervical disc herniation
  • Shoulder issues such as impingement, frozen shoulder
  • Golfers elbow
  • Lumbar disc herniation/sequestration
  • Movement impairment and instability of the lumbo-pelvic area
  • Knee and Achilles tendon issues created by faulty pelvic mechanics

With a complete biomechanics evaluation, combined with therapeutic techniques such as neuro muscular/kinetic therapy, an appropriate correction program, where emphasis is placed on flexibility and stability creates a stable platform for your golf performance to be improved.

As you move away from pain and increased stability is achieved a performance program is developed to focus on developing more endurance for your spine and then ultimately power for improved drive. This strategy works very well with any professional golf coaching that may need to be done.

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I have been prone to lower back pain and muscle spasms for approximately 5 years which various osteopaths & physiotherapists have failed to find a solution for.

 Keith designed a full body program which consisted of neuro-muscular manipulation along with a range of stretches and excerises.  This has strengthened & stabilised my core muscles and resulted in greatly improved posture, mobility and flexibility – plus I am pain free. As a ‘would-be’ golfer my swing is much easier and more fluid and my handicap is down by 3 already…!!’

Many thanks