Keith Littlewood

B.Sc., PgD, M.Sc.

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Iโ€™ve has been involved in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry for over 20 years and after working for a variety of organisations working as a trainer for the likes of Matt Roberts and owning my own health club before realising that I was more interested in helping others than managing others. I also worked at the prestigious Bowskill clinic working as a corrective exercise and rehabilitation specialist. Iโ€™ve worked around the world conducting rehabilitation and pop clinics in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, US and the UK.

Endocrinology, biology and health related experience:

After gaining a degree in fitness and health, I studied areas such as metabolic typing, functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine, neurobiology of sleep with Michigan University and in 2017 gained a post graduate diploma in endocrinology with distinction from the University of South Wales. I have a specific interest in resolving hormone and other energy related issues that affect digestion, sleep, mood, fertility and health. Iโ€™m influenced by the biological reasoning of scientists like Ray Peat, Denis Noble, Albert Szent Gyรถrgi, Hans Selye, Katherina Dalton and many others. In 2019 I received a masters of science degree in endocrinology with distinction researching the accuracy of thyroid stimulating hormone in the face of mounting pollution, stress and nutrition factors.

Pain, biomechanics and movement  experience:

My previous work as a rehabilitation and performance coach has evolved after originally completing the CHEK institute Level 3 practitioner and became a neuromuscular therapist. Since then he also completed the selective functional movement assessment and Neuro Kinetic Therapy.  He has undertaken short courses with the Neuro Orthopedic institute (NOI), Rehab School of Prague and Duke University/Neuroscience.

He  currently undertaking a course of study of Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex โ€“ P.D.T.R with Orthopaedic Surgeon Jose Palomar which combines neuroscience and biomechanics.

Keith is the lead instructor for Neuro Kinetic Therapy in the Middle East and also teaches an integrated approach to breathing and digestion issues.

His truly holistic approach has enabled him to work with a wide variety of people who had previously not achieved their targets. From pain relief , movement and corrective exercise to dealing with more complex issues such as chronic fatigue, energy, digestion, sleep and other hormone related issues.