Balanced Body Mind

HiMy name is Keith Littlewood and I specialise in biomechanics, pain relief, performance exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I spent many years gaining certifications in organisations that I thought were worthy within the health and fitness industry. I even gained a degree in fitness and health. But I came frustrated with the knowledge gained and with work and often why alot of clients failed to acheive their goals.

Then I found the CHEK Institute in San Diego and found a method of looking at clients holistically and understanding that we each have three key areas that we need to work on to acheive our goals, targets and dreams. These are physical or structure, chemical/hormonal and emotional or the limbic system.

Now for the past five years my study and work has taken me across several continents. Whilst gaining a Level III practitioner with the CHEK institute, I also certified as a neuromuscular therapist to help assist clients in getting out of pain and realigning the body, and as a metabolic typing advisor/holistic lifestyle coach, helping clients to acheive health and vitality following key foundational principles.

Clients often fail to hit targets as they do not focus on all of these factors:

Thoughts, Breathing pattern, water quality, metabolic type diet, functional training plan and good sleep wake cycles. I’ll be talking more about these factors but if you’d really like to find out more about how to acheive amazing optimal health and wellness, come along to my seminar in September sponsored by Whole Foods in Stoke Newington.