foundational principles of health

Why is it that people often fail to hit health and fitness targets?Well, more often than not, most people tend to focus on superficial aspects such as getting a 6 pack, or gaining more muscle as well as more health driven goals like losing weight. However there are 6 key principles that can change the way you feel and think that pave the way to physical, chemical and emotional health.

The first one is thinking right. So often people set the pace of their strategy to setting effective goals that can be revisited on a regular basis, to check progress and enhance motivation. Unfortunately there are many negative thoughts that creep into indivividuals mind sets as to their own self worth and destructive patterns can emerge, engaging in self destructive habits and the like and throwing them off the course that they originally set.

Focusing on positive aspects of your life is often something that we forget to to do or take for granted but focusing on the things that make us proud or that bring a smile to our faces is a step to helping us acheive our goals and dreams.

The second factor is our breathing pattern. The way we breathe should not be taken lightly, as an inverted breathing pattern has the capacity to cause postural problems, pain syndromes, increase anxiety levels and even alter the acid/alkaline balance of your body. Literally the pain in your knee could well be related to the way you breathe. Therfore having your breathing pattern assessed is key aspect in your health, fitness and wellbeing goals.

Drinking good quality water is getting harder to do these days. the amount of chemicals that is found in our water supply is burdening our bodies and has been cited as a major contributer to infertility, cancer and a host of other issues including parasite infection. Drinking water from plastic bottles shouldnโ€™t be considered a taboo if you canโ€™t afford to have a decent water filter fitted to your home water supply.

Getting Metabolically typed, helps you to get a good grasp on what foods build health and which foods are a bad food choice. Based upon gentic needs such as pysiological, psychological and dietary traits, metabolic typing helps to build health and reverse disease as well as balancing energy emotions and body weight.

Functional exercise is the way to exercise that incorprates key movements, such as push, pull, lunge, twist, bend, squat and gait or running. Forget about exercising on machines that shut off key stabilising muscles and lead to injury. Why is that most people sit at a desk all day and then go and sit on an exercise machine in a very similar position?

Going to bed at 10pm might seem a little early but the longer you stay awake past this time increases the amount of stressful hormones that not only have a destructive effect on the body, they also speed up the aging process. getting to bed early helps our body to rest and regenerate and helps us recover for the adventure of the next day ahead.

Try following these six principles or find someone that can help you with these key health points!