How to lose weight and balance energy and emotions effectively, without biting you in the arse

Many people often jump into a dieting strategy at least once throughout the year, with the common themes of overeating at christmas, holidays and easter etc. However most people also make some very common mistakes when it comes to losing that unwanted excess weight. These are: Cutting back on calories Restricting fat and cholesterol Skipping meals Eating high carbohydrate, low fat diets such as the food pyramid


Following a diet that their friend is doing or following an exercise regime that has reaped good effects.

A real simple way of explaining why these factors don’t work for a lot of people can be summed up in old addage that ‘one man’s food is another mans poison.’  Literally the need for fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is as individual as your thumbprint!  Medical researchers know this that’s why for a medical research trial to be hailed effective it only needs a success rate of about 30%. This is because of biochemical individuality and it makes it inherently difficult to predict how chemicals will react in a majority of the population.

This can be seen in the difference in eating habits of indigenous tribes such as the eskimo’s who would eat a diet of 80-90% fat and protein, however give that to a group of people south of the equator and you may have a very different reaction to the long lives and good health experienced by Inuit’s. So lets take a look at why some of the above factors don’t work.

Cutting back on calories and restricting fat and cholesterol

Cutting back on calories can for some people in the short have some effect on weight loss. However long term strategies are completely impossible to maintain. As each bodies requirement for nutrients is different the need for calories is different and those who restrict on diet plans such as the 1500 kcals or lower  calorific consumption are effectively starving themselves. More often than not people will often cut back on fat. This creates a demand for fat storing enzymes to be created.

We often cut back fat as goal for health improvements but what most people don’t know is that there is more risk associated with low fat/cholesterol diets than higher fat diets with the increase of cancers and stroke. Further more cholesterol eaten has very little impact on the amount of cholesterol found in the blood and at a cellular level. The liver produces cholesterol as a precursor for all of the major hormones from testosterone to estrogen. This can also affect the thyroid gland and create havoc with a balanced metabolism. What I am not saying is that you need to go out and eat copius amounts of fat. What I am saying is, find out how you metabolise fats, proteins and carbs to work out your ideal ratios.  There is a system called metabolic typing that can really get to the bottomof your genetic basis for food requirements. However one thing that you can do to get started is try eating a meal of just fat and protein and see how you feel 1-2 hours after that meal. You can try the converse of that and try eating a meal that is high in carbs and again note your craving levels, emotions and energy levels 1-2 hours afterwards.

Skipping meals

Skipping meals can help to raise cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects are ability to maintain a balance of food metabolism. Furthermore we all have elevated cortisol levels from the multiple forms of stress such as environmental toxins, taxes, relationships, work, poor exercise programs such as excessive cardiovascular training. This can create further fat storing enzymes and if we are constantly exposed to excessive cortisol production we can reach adrenal fatigue which certainly inhibit any chances of staying fit and maintaining a healthy weight.

Here are some top tips for acheiving optimal weigh and energy levels as well as balanced emotions.

1. Do get yourself metabolically typed

2. Don’t follow any diet in any magazine or newspaper

3. Do get a bespoke training program that is geared around your body, not someone elses

4. Never Cut calories

5. Drink plenty of mineral or filtered water  multiply your body weight by 0.03 to give your amount in litres of water each day.

6. Become aware of what your body needs by listening to it more often

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