Kick ass pate

Tommo’s Chicken Liver pate (al orange!)  Gluten and dairy free

Clients are often asking me for recipes for different foods, so until I manage to write my own cookbook this should go some way to appeasing them. I often actively encourage clients to make use of organic organ meats, especially the liver as it has a good amount of protein and vitamin A amongst others and assists in thyroid function, gene transcription, eyesight and immune system function. We often used to consume a lot more of the whole animal (see previous posts on gelatin) to glean more nutrients that balance the consumption of muscle meats alone.  This pate dish is great to take along to work and have with carrots or sticks of cucumber and the best part its gluten free. I also made this dairy free as I am not handling casein/dairy to well at the moment but you can substitute the coconut oil with butter and cream if you so wish. Dairy often gets a bad press but if your gut can tolerate it isn’t a food that should be restricted from your diet for long periods

Here’s what you need:

Chicken livers, Half a roasted squash, 2 oranges, Coconut oil, Maple syrup, Thyme, 1 small red onion, Salt & pepper, 2 cloves of garlic, Dried chilli.

Here’s what you do….                                                                                    

  • Soften the onions with a large dollop of coconut oil in a big pan
  • Add the chicken livers and brown off                                                                 
  • In a mortar and pestle grind down  the  garlic adding thyme, chilli, salt and pepper
  • Squeeze two fresh oranges and add to mortar, spoon around the edges to get  the paste
  • Add  half of roasted squash and a gulp of syrup with the contents of the mortar to thelivers
  • Cook for another 10 minutes, so that the squash has become part of the juice of the livers
  • Once the livers are cooked and there is little or no blood oozing from them take off the heat
  • Mix in a blender and add another large dollop of coconut oil       until it’s looking like a paste
  • Pour contents into a glass or ceramic bowl
  • Allow to cool, then place into a fridge to set

I think this goes well with some buckwheat crisp breads, with nori seaweed on top, or with some vegetables, if you prefer. Whatever you do it tastes great and will help to give you variety that tastes pretty good.

Remember good food with the right type of exercise goes along way to healing your gut and mind, get in touch if you experience pain, fatigue, energy, sleep, skin and other problems.