Modern nutrition its effects on you and your children

After my recent holiday in cornwall, it really hit home how deviations from proper nutrition really is affecting the worlds population particularly the UK. On a five minute walk from the car to the beach, we counted 70 clinically obese individuals and stopped counting as the numbers just seemed to keep rising. One of the most worrying factors that we should all consider is the significant impact that poor nutrition is having on our children, not just feeding them but pre conceptual nutrition is paramount. One of the many issues that can be seen in the children of all of the unhealthy parents that I saw, were children with abnormal head and face growth, overcrowded dental arches, and mouth breathers who will most likely be facing a life of ill health due to poor nutrition.

You only need to look at the research of Weston A Price, a dentist who toured the world in the early thirties and recorded may physical features of indigenous tribes, such as teeth, dental arches and cranio-facial growth. It was found all of the most isolated of cultures from Eskimo’s, Swiss, African tribes and may others, even outer hebredian communities, when feed with traditional, natural food sources, there was virtually no incidence of disease, dental problems or many of the other health issues associated with modern living. In fact the nutrition that had been in place forso long influenced the genetic make up for many thousands of years.

He noted that in these tribes for every 100 teeth assessed less than 0.1 % had the need for a dental filling. He then went to similar tribes of people that were located nearer to westernised cultures and found that many of the people who had been exposed to modern refined foods had  on average a 33%  need for fillings. He also observed many abnormal facial growths, poor dental formation and even reduced intelligence levels, as well as many modern diseases.

The point that I am trying to make, is that we all hold the key to the health of our children. The food that we eat has the capacity to create healthy children and moving away from foods such as sugar, commercially farmed grains, pasteurised dairy products and processed salt is the key to creating healthy children. Eating good quality organic foods is a must and getting adequate amounts of meat based proteins with each meal is a step in the right direction.

Eating cereal with pasteurised milk each day is an easy way to develop a food intolerance to grains and dairy! You can check out the article on my website, whats all the fuss about posture? at

You can also read a really good article by Paul Chek at

Eating healthy is harder to do these days because those that produce food aren’t concerned with making you and your children healthy but more with making a profit! Do you know how many foods are laced with poor food choices such as soy, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, gluten, processed and other denatured foods?

Too many to name on this blog! Taking a look at the way you eat should start today not tomorrow. An easy way to help you decide what to eat is, if it wasn’t around 10, 000 years ago don’t eat it! We all like to have a treat l so following a 80/20 % rule (80% good food choices to 20 % poor) is a good start. More often than not with clients who have significant health problems it may be that a 100% rule has to be adhered to in order to build health.

My advice is don’t wait until you or your children get sick to make a change for the better.

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