When acceptance is just not acceptable: how to make homemade formula

Here's why I decided to use homemade formula The world in which we live often creates an acceptance of certain conditions. However some conditions should not just be accepted as acceptable.

As a father for the second time we had to accept that we would have to use formula for our new born due to some complications. No sooner had we started and our son developed spots, rashes and was generally a cranky little man despite being fed Organic formula. But it was organic, why should this happen? Oh but it is normal for children to get milk rashes and spots many people say. Is it? Why is it? If I were to see such conditions on an adult, I would be suggesting that something is just not right and you should get that looked at.

So why is it that we accept that rashes, irritability and skin conditions are acceptable on new born children?

A possible thought might be that the wide spread acceptance of poor quality formula that has a whole list of undesirable additives could be the very cause of these unwanted symptoms. I must add that of course breast feeding is the best. No doubt but in some cases, sadly it is just not possible to do so, so support has to be administered by whatever means exist.

We initially chose an organic milk formula due to the non-organic versions contained genetically modified soy products, a host of vegetable oils (many GM too) and many chemically derived nutrients. I am driven in my occupation to get the best information available out to my clients and the knowledge seeking public and I have to state that genetically modified products SHOULD NEVER be allowed in any persons food especially new born children. The use of vegetable oils in formula to provide polyunsaturated fatty acids is not only contentious its inclusion is based upon poor rationale for nutrition guidelines. Saturated fat that is found in a mothers breast milk is highly nutritious and replacing with polyunsaturated fats can pose many problems particularly when these oils have the capacity to go rancid which causes stress to cellular function and energetics.

This is well documented and for further information the work of Ray Peat will provide the reader with much information. The inclusion of these PUFA’s is often recommended as they are so called Essential Fatty Acids. The argument on the use of these EFA’s still rages on but it has been proven that deficiencies of B6, and biotin may give the perception of fatty acid deficiency.

Here’s another clincher. Much of the recommendations regarding PUFA’s in breast milk is based upon data where we have steadily increased vegetable oil consumption. So observations of these fats in breast milk correlates with consumption not production. So should we have such elevated levels of these fats in baby produce?

With that in mind I decided to make my own Homemade formula. My only place of reference to begin this task was by looking and traditional nutrition guidelines and I looked at a recipe recommended on the Weston A price website. (Weston A. Price was a dentist who documented traditional health and diets compared to modernised diets, well worth a read of some his stuff).

The ingredients still contained amounts of PUFA’s so I decided to replace most of these fatty acids with saturated fats from coconut oil and ghee with the exception of olive oil. Here’s how to make it.


One thing that I am not telling you to do, is to go and stop what you are doing. This is a decision that we as parents made, we thought was best for our son. Its clear that Omega 3's do play some part in balance but the proliferation in both Omega 3 and 6 in many foods are not necessarily healthy and carry there own issues. Blanket nutrition is not working for many and taking time to find out what works can be a rewarding experience. As for our son....he is not cranky anymore, his rashes have gone and he is sleeping through the night at 7 weeks of age. We are pretty happy.Dubai-20131109-00265

Always seek the advice of a professional regarding nutritional issues particularly when dealing with infants nutrition.

Additional references can be posted. If you want to read the scientific studies that I am basing my opinion on please ask.