Why is my neck so painful?

Why is my neck so painful? 10 reasons why you could be experiencing neck pain Neck pain is one of the most common conditions experienced in my practice. Here are 10 reasons why you may be experiencing neck pain.

1. The way that you breathe can cause changes to how the neck muscles are used. If you sit at a desk or do lots of repetitive exercise, chances are you are not using the correct muscles for breathing. 2. If you have ever had a car crash, whiplash or any injury that has involved a knock to the head or rapid movement of the neck, no matter how long ago, this can cause long standing neck pain if not rehabilitated properly. 3. Caesarean sections can inhibit the muscles in the neck by scar tissue. See my old post for details https://balancedbodymind.com/cesarean-section-or-chaos-section-why-you-may-have-back-pain-after-your-baby/ 4. Sit ups, especially too many, overwork the back of the neck and underwork the front of the neck muscles. Placing a tongue in the roof of the mouth can go some way to helping with this issue but optimal alignment needs to be restored. 5. Computer position and the seated posture. As many people spend many hours at a computer station this can cause key changes to the position of the neck and the rest of the spine. Having someone assess optimal positions at work can help to alleviate neck tension. 6. Negative emotions and psychological stress can reinforce the use of muscles at the side and back of the neck. Understanding what causes you to become stressed and removing yourself or developing better coping mechanisms can help to alleviate the physical stress experienced by the body. One of the reasons that we feel stress in our neck is due to two muscles (Sternocleidomastoid and upper trapezius) being fed directly by a nerve (XI cranial verve) that comes straight from the brain rather than the spinal cord. Internal stress can show up externally in these muscles. 7. Problems with internal organs such as the liver can show up in the shoulder and neck via a connection from large nerves. Are you eating well, or are you exposed to environmental toxins that could be causing the liver to become dysfunctional? 8. Other key functions such as eyesight, jaw and hearing issues can cause the neck to become over, or underworked in key areas, causing muscles to develop dysfunction. 9. A herniated disc or irritated cervical (area of the neck) nerve can often cause neck pain. Usually you may find the pain radiating into the neck, back, shoulder and arms. 10. Any muscle that is not working appropriately in the body has the capacity to cause pain in the neck. For example if the muscles that stabilise the lower back are not working correctly, muscles in the neck may compensate to help achieve balance and overwork. Causing pain.

Ultimately any of the issues above are perfectly capable of being either avoided or treated quickly with the right type of analysis, treatment and appropriate exercise. Get in touch if you would like to find out how to get rid of your neck pain.