Your Insides!

As well as working with clients on issues such as pain relief, strength and conditioning or improved sports performance. One of the areas I have to look at is how an individuals gut is working. This often involves a pre screen to give me an idea of how much inflammation is taking place within the small or large intestine or how well the immune system is functioning. As these ultimately have an impact on exercise programs. Believe it or not you have great control over how strong your digestive tract and immune system functions. The quality and type of food and water is a choice that you can make to strengthen these systems.

More often than not when I recommend a lab test, I have a good idea of what will come back. I haven’t tested one client this year that has not tested positive for fungus or parasite overgrowth, usually both. These bacteria and organisms have shown that they can be pathogens in the disease process. It may sound something that you think would only happen in a foreign country but you can pick up such infections from drinking tap water, exposure to anti-biotics, even organic food if you fail to wash it properly.

There are many things to be considered when wanting to heal your gut, such as following a metabolic type diet, a variety of supplements and removing key culprits that inflame the gut such as gluten and dairy products.

It may take between 3 months to a year to heal yourself, but it is such a short space of time for you to notice big changes in energy, improved emotions, focus, motivation, libido, sleep quality and many more issues.

If you ever experience a dip in any of the above factors seriously consider having a Gasto-intestinal panel to rule out any complications.