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Breathing is the most important process that the body needs to complete.

On average we breathe some 20,000 times per day and the body ensures the process is uninterruptedd via changes in muscular recruitment. The diaphragm, which is the body’s primary muscle of inspiration often becomes restricted. The seated position often facilitates contraction of the abdominal muscles as can long bouts of stress and over exercise and the diaphragm can lose its optimal pattern of recruitment for inspiration.

Muscles such as the scalenes, sternocleidomastoid, and pectoralis minor muscles often become overworked and key changes to the pelvis and lower back occur as the diaphragm has  a synergistic relationship with the pelvic floor, Transversus Abdominus, Multifidus and other muscles. Inverted breathing patterns can occur which can create postural dysfunction, impair movement, increase ventiliation, increase anxiety and create hormonal changes.

Working with breathing patterns requires neuromuscular therapy and specific breathing re-training strategies to help deal with these issues. Appropriate exercises can also enhance breathing pattern issues.


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    After many years of a desk-bound job, my posture has suffered in a predictable fashion – sloping shoulders, unattractive hunched gorilla-esque look and a nagging pain at the top of my back. While visits to the physio and more general exercise have improved the problem in the short term, I needed a more in-depth and long-term approach.

    After a full (and ongoing) assessment Keith has devised a series of stretches and exercises which target my problem areas and, over time, have made a significant and obvious difference to my posture and general levels of pain. The exercises are supplemented with neuro-muscular therapy sessions with Keith which focus on the most painful areas and speed up the release of the most knotted muscles. No pain no gain!

    Keith has done a great job, succeeding where years of physio have failed. I would recommend him to anyone who is prepared to invest the time and money in a tailored and effective programme which works. He has changed my life!

    Juliet Clarke

    Senior Vice President, Financial Communication