Energy production can be affected by many factors. How often have you felt that afternoon crash and felt the need and reach for that caffeine fix or something sweet or struggled to get out of bed to meet the daysneeds? In some cases increasing blood sugar may be all that’s needed to correct a simple biochemical deficit. In others there can be many complex issues that require different levels of vitamins and minerals to be met in order to achieve optimal function.

A complex interplay of hormones and processes can be analysed using a variety of tests combined with other traditional
diagnostic tests to give you, the client valuable information.
Your energy requirements can be unique and when paired with the stress of your own environment can create unique needs for key nutrients.

Tests such as organic acid testing can highlight key metabolites that show up in the urine and can detail key deficiencies in your body.

A bit like a car emissions test this is extremely helpful in pinpointing antioxidant deficiencies, turnover of fat and carbohydrate metabolism as   well as analysing liver exposure to various toxins.
Analysing these specific markers can be particularly beneficial in suggesting interventions for weight loss, toxicity issues, emotional wellbeing and energy.

(images Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine used with permission)