Energy, digestion and sleep seminar

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Hormones, nutrition and health

Seminar contents

  • Key principles of energy production

  • Nutrition and hormone responses

  • How to assess energy production

  • Biochemistry analysis and other laboratory analysis

  • Nutrition and the digestive system

  • Biology of sleep and how to improve it

  • Resolving menstrual cycle irregularities

Investment $350

In this seminar you’ll learn how to unravel the complexities of the endocrine system by exploring the impact of an individuals nutrition, environment and stress and how they work together to either create effective change or fail to resolve your clients issues. In this seminar I will teach you how to help clients understand their own responses to stress, what their hormones are doing and how to create lasting change to key areas of function such as energy, digestion, sleep, mood and other hormone related issues.

Next Seminar date: November 8th 2019

Location: Two Seasons Hotel, Internet city, Dubai 9am -5:30 pm