Integrated breathing pattern seminar

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An eight hour seminar - Investment $350

Course contents

In this one day seminar you’ll be introduced to the powerful effects of breathing and its impact on spinal stability, pain, injury, biochemistry and mood states. The seminar is split between theory and practical elements of learning and you’ll be shown how to complete an assessment of an individuals breathing strategy, use movement and muscle testing, how to spot compensation patterns and where necessary, change and empower your clients to create optimal patterns that offer improved stabilisation, decrease injury risk and promote optimal function.

  • Introduction

  • Biochemistry of breathing - Review the effects of altered respiration on blood tests

    The role of carbon dioxide in health and disease

  • Post natal/surgical rehabilitation - Assess surgical scars and their impact on breathing

  • Applications of neuroscience - Nociception, sensory, motor concepts of feedback

  • Movement and biomechanics - Using movement to assess breathing mechanics

    Utilising biomechanical and functional testing

  • Muscle testing - Learn how to assess the spinal stabilising muscles effectively

  • Breathing pattern assessment - Learn how to assess breathing patterns

    Observation of compensation strategies

  • Treatment Strategies - How to locate problems and modulate myofascial tissues

  • Corrective exercises - Provide solutions to empower clients to decrease future injuries


Why address breathing pattern?

Optimal breathing is a foundation for creating stability for the spine and pelvis, force generation and is an integral component of injury prevention. Altered respiration can lead to excessive loss of carbon dioxide, altering blood chemistry values, excessive loss of sodium and magnesium and alter moods often leading to anxiety. Many people acquire impairments to breathing through injury or surgery such as Cesarean sections, appendectomies or develop altered mechanics through repetitious movements or postures. Assessing and optimising breathing is often overlooked in rehabilitation, performance and injury prevention strategies but should be an integral component of health and performance evaluation.

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This course has been accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals and has 10 CEC’s.

This course can also be run privately for your staff at your own facility. Please get in touch to find out offers.

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"We hosted Keith at HV Holistic Health & Corrective Training for his two-day, Integrated Breathing and Digestion Seminar. Not only was the course packed full of interesting, detailed content, Keith also delivered in it in a way that was manageable. Having previously attended a breathing course with another provider, I had been concerned that the content would be similar. However, the course was unique and the material was current and informative. 

We found Keith's approach to teaching refreshing. We covered a vast amount of information, and each of the two days passed extremely quickly - a sure sign that you're enjoying yourself! Keith was patient and thoroughly explained areas where some of the participants required further explanation. His course material was detailed and clear. Keith made sure that he included every participant, and that everyone was clear on the content. 

Keith is extremely knowledgable, and answered our questions without hesitation. We left the course with the resources to be able to instantly provide a better service to our clients, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Keith, and this course."