Neck Pain


Neck pain is one of the many structural burdens of modern living.

The unfortunate working 
position for many is sat at a desk for many hours which may be the cause or just the last straw for the body’s tissues to start breaking down.

The seated position often causes a forward head posture, opening of the mouth, rotation of the head on the cervical spine, rounding of the back and rotation of the shoulder joints. This often cascades down and can cause many problems with the lower back and extremities. The seated position also inhibits the way that you breathe and your diaphragm, the muscle that is responsible for optimal breathing becomes inhibited.   This creates a load on the accessory muscles of inspiration such as the neck and chest and an overloaded pattern occurs.

Treatment of the neck, breathing pattern and surrounding structures can coccur after a biomechanica, neurological and functional evaluation has been completed. With the appropriate program that combines neuromuscular release and exercises to improve breathing mechanics, function and structure of the tissues and pain relief can be achieved in a short space of time.

A rule of thumb is that if you have had 5 sessions of a treatment of pain relief for the neck and it is not working by at least 75% then you probably have not been getting the right approach.

To find out how to get better movement and eradicate pain in the neck, get in touch and book your assessment.