Neuro Kinetic Therapy ™


What is Neuro Kinetic Therapy?

Have you ever chased your tail with the same old injury? people often do not get the right treatment for injuries and often see a multitude of practitioners from physio to the osteopath and then un-wittingly in the surgeon’s office.

Kinetic Therapy or NKT ™  is a form of body detective work.  It utilises a form of muscle testing combined with strategies to unlock stored patterns of dysfunction that may have been ingrained from many years of the dysfunctional movement. Assessment and treatment using NKT protocols are often effective where many other strategies have failed to either reduce pain or get real changes in the way that your body moves and functions.

Old injuries, scars, types of exercise, work, operations, pain avoidance and neuro-biomechanical dysfunction all contribute not only to how we move but how we recreate painful movements. Unless a clear identification of what has happened and exists right now in your body is assessed, there is no opportunity to reset and hardwire new, more efficient strategies that get you as far away from pain as possible.

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