Nutrition for better health


Nutrition these days seems to be complicated for many but it shouldn’t. Biology like most systems follows certain rules and our energy producing cells are not so different from body to body.

We have been convinced that we need genetic information to come up with the best possible diet for each individual but that’s really not the case. Part of the problem is that many food guru’s have demonised foods. Some people have even become fearful of eating food like fruit and dairy, some of the most nutritious foods available to us.

Modern nutrition zeitgeist suggests we should all eat foods in their greenest most whole forms yet often many suffer from nutrition induced health issues.

My nutrition program allows individuals to take control of their own health issues and optimise their nutrition through a ten week program that introduces you to aspects of biology that are glossed over by so called nutrition experts who create poor narratives around food that demonise foods that provide excellent sources of nutrients and energy.

In the program you explore:

  • Adequate energy - the foundation for health

  • Why stress hormones affect appetite and metabolism

  • Experimenting with aspects of light and carbon dioxide

  • How to self test the impact of the foods that you eat on your health and metabolism

  • How to improve energy, sleep, mood and digestion

  • Understand why foods like dairy and sugar can improve your health and needn’t be avoided

There’s not a detox, juice fast or need for a restrictive diet in sight and what’s best of all your guided through the ups and down of why you experience good and bad days and understand how to build a stronger foundation for health.

This program is for you if you want

  • To better understand nutrition

  • To resolve hormone balance

  • To resolve fatigue

  • To improve Weight loss

  • Improved fertility

  • Improved sleep

  • Clear brain fog

  • Sports performance

  • Hormonal balance 

  • Improve sleep

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Confused by what to eat?

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