Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex-P-DTR


Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex-P-DTR is a therapeutic system that allows for a complete analysis of known variables, that may cause the body to present with pain or compromised movement. It was developed by Orthopaedic surgeon Jose Palomar, whose own thought processes, that most problems faced by the body, are software issues related to the central and peripheral nervous system; surgery, in many cases can therefore be avoided.


Many therapies address factors such as muscle tone, joint mobilisation, or fascial release. From a neuroscience perspective there can be many factors that influence muscle tone and function. Therefore treating muscles alone may offer a temporary solution which can recur, unless treated on a regular basis.  PDTR offers an opportunity to evaluate many factors such as receptor dysfunction which include:

  • Crude touch

  • Nociception or pain pathways, withdrawal, chemical and temperature

  • Golgi tendon and ligament factors

  • Scars and the dysfunction associated with stretch and pressure.

  • Sensation and other factors related to pressure, stretch, contraction and fine touch

  • Kinematic chain related dysfunction

  • Gait-related dysfunction

  • Nutrition and chemical factors.

  • Emotional factors that influence muscle function, such as recall of injury.

Improving pain and movement issues can be achieved by resolving as many of the issues that present as possible. P-DTR gives the therapist a wide variety of tools to assess and change clients function with success. To find out more get in touch.

If you want to resolve injuries in the most efficient time and have found that issues, such as massage, needling and manipulation fail to resolve your situation, then P-DTR might be the best approach available to you.