Preparation stage

Before we kick off the weeks ahead, where we strive to create some long lasting change. It's a good idea to get some baseline evaluation of where we are from a symptoms and health perspective. You have a choice. For those that just want to jump in to a quick fire analysis that gives an overview of some key areas of function, the self assessment sheet is a useful tool to help provide a starting point on areas such as digestion, energy, sleep and libido. 

For those wanting to delve a little deeper and question the functions  of major systems such as the upper and lower portions of the digestive system, immune and hormonal systems, then the NAQ form might be useful. You can actually do both if you feel the need, as the self assessment form is a little more qualitative and can be used to describe overall feelings of health and function. Whereas the NAQ form has over 200 short questions that requires scoring of function. The process is reviewed in the video below.

If you want to ask specific questions or get involved with community chat within the program a closed Face Book group can be accessed here. Please request to be added.