The Assessment

Understanding the mechanics of an injury and any precursors that contributed to your injury is an essential part of your assessment, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning program.

Your assessment can last from 2-4 hours so that any existing musculoskeletal conditions can be addressed and resolved so that you can focus on being as strong as you need to be in the future.
Using years of experience and utilising a variety of systems such as Selective functional movement assessment/SFMA Neuro-orthopedics, Biomechanics and movement analysis gained from organisations such as the CHEK Institute, Neuro Orthopedic Institute and many other movement specialists, I can enhance your understanding of your injury and what’s necessary to eradicate the pain and get you stronger than ever before.

The assessment provides key analysis of areas such as:

  • Breathing

  • Neurological function and relationships with pain

  • Jaw

  • Eyes

  • Spine

  • Health of internal organs and glands

  • Shoulder

  • Hips

  • Knees

  • Ankles

β€œ I've been to Keith for two different chronic pain issues, and both times - they have been completely fixed with no signs of them returning (ever!)

After multiple doctor and physio visits - and finally accepting that the constant ache in my shoulder will remain till no end, I came across Keith and his interesting approach. 3 sessions later - shoulder is completely fixed after struggling for almost 2 years! As a yoga practitioner, I use my body daily and thus require it functioning without any pain. Keith has helped me multiple times to make sure I'm at my optimum.

The five stars are for Keith not only resolving my pain issues, but for being approachable, easy to talk to and always kind :) For anyone suffering through any sort of pain - I would strongly recommend Balanced Body Mind. He will not only get rid of your 'symptoms' but treat the issue from the cause, thus eliminating the problem all together. β€œ Z