Fascia, muscles and connective tissue can become dysfunctional from overuse, poor posture, dehydration, injury and many other sources.

Using Neuromuscular therapy, mobilisation of the nervous system, rehabilitation strategies such as rehabilitation of the locomotor or movement system you can experience pain relief and improvement in the way that you move in a very short space of time.

Back, neck and pelvic pain are more often than not due to dysfunctional muscle recruitment, inhibition, fascial restriction and faulty alignment. These can cause damage to structures and affect the spine, its discs, sacroiliac joint and other areas causing pain. Combining assessment with these therapeutic techniques and exercise can determine which muscles aren’t working, which ones may work too much and allow me to create a strategy to banish pain forever, which can have amazing results before you leave the office.

To find out how to become pain-free using Neuromuscular and Kinetic therapy book your structural assessment now.