But there is an optimum balance for achieving better health with fitness. So why is it that the well versed phrase of eat less and move more, doesn't seem to work for so many people? Better health markers such as quality of sleep, energy, digestion and emotional balance seem to suffer when people focus on exercising as intensely as possible and eating a diet that doesn't support their physiological needs. The purpose of this site and its programs is to offer support to people who want better sleep, energy, digestion, libido, fertility, less anxiety or to feel more balanced. Find out, how these programs can help you today.


Take charge

Do you find that despite how 'healthy' you are. No matter how healthy you eat or how much exercise you do. You still seem to suffer a lack of energy, digestive issues, fail to get a good nights sleep, or suffer from hormone related issues such as low libido, PMS or other factors? This program is designed to empower you without the reliance on overbearing, inaccurate social media gurus.  

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Build a base

Confused with the nutritional information that's thrown around on social media? Whether its clean eating, paleo, keto dieting or other fad diets, you still lack clarity on what foods support optimal human health? You health and function starts by building a solid base, by eating foods that produce optimal biological function. 

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Improve your health

Once you master the basics, you can start to take charge of your own health and life desires. Imagine a life without persistent fatigue, lack of sleep, libido or the energy to simply get up and live your life the way that you want to. Many think that to gain this level of health you need to throw money at expensive supplements or eat diets high in raw green veg, nuts and seeds. This simply isn't true.

β€œ I started the program with rapidly decreasing energy, needing to sleep all afternoon, on a diet for autoimmune disease but seemingly getting worse, and having uncomfortable bowel movements, on a million supplements.png
I consulted with Keith on a variety of health issues I was having and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is one of the most knowledgeable individuals you'll meet in this field. Prior to working with him, I trie.png

β€œ I approached Keith's method with apprehension as no doctor could find out what was wrong with me for years, I had a long list of symptoms including pre diabetes. Having placed my trust in Keith I took note and implemented all the changes he suggested to not only my diet but also my lifestyle. I now feel like a new person after his coaching programme - I finally have energy, no digestion problems (at all!), better balanced hormones, no foggy brain and the ability to understand my body better. Amazingly my prediabetes condition was reversed within 3 months too which I couldn't believe! I am so grateful to have this quality of life improvement and can't thank Keith enough for all his support and knowledge! I highly recommend him to any of my family and friends.” Jane

In search of athletic performance, we usually think we should train more and harder, but i have reached the maximum training hours my wife would allow me πŸ˜‚ so started reading, listening, researching and observing and noticed few things that we all do everyday and im not maximizing them with Keith's tweaks and tips im now able to maximize my sleep and improve my body temperature train hard recover harder. John

β€œI just wanted to take a moment to leave feedback on working with Keith and his energy and digestion online program. I purchased the Gold Membership and have been working with Keith for about 6 weeks now. After carefully making changes to my diet and creating a foundation for change, I finally had a natural cycle after 1 year without it!! There are many tips and pieces of advice that Keith has consistently given me and he is always available via email to answer questions and provide support. I have loved working with someone so knowledgeable and accessible. His program has taught me so much about my body and how my β€œhealthy” way of eating was actually hurting my energy and digestion. So happy to have found Keith and have worked with him on this 10-week program.” Danielle

ο»Ώβ€œ When I came to Keith, I thought that I was leading a healthy lifestyle having been on a vegan meal plan for 8 months. I had delivered a baby a year ago and for the first time in my life received borderline Hypothyroid readings with suggestions of autoimmunity. 
I was suffering from brain fog, forgetfulness, lack of appetite, intolerance to the cold and overall lethargy and fatigue. And to my shock, when checking my temperature is was systematically scoring in the 35 range. This made it real for me.
The decision to go back to eating meat was not easy but Keith was very gentle with his approach and was sharing a lot of information that made me consciously choose what was best for my body.

I started cooking for the first time in a long time and realized how much I loved it. And my body thanked me for it. The bloating was the first thing to subside followed by increase in body temperature. Within a couple of months and for the first time in what seemed like forever I started to feel like me. My energy came back, I started feeling positive and creative again. I am able to do all my daily errands without the dizziness or fatigue that used to cripple me. As a bonus, I have lost some weight despite eating more (though I hear it’s not very common!).While my readings are still a work in progress, my symptoms have improved and for that I’m happy. I am armed with knowledge and what needs to be avoided (food and habits wise) and what to do if I get any symptoms again. I am very grateful for Keith’s continuous support and his kind patient informative guidance. I think he is truly one of the few people who have this way of restoring health and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to see a visible change in their life.

β€œ I signed up for Keith's Platinum Member Coaching Program because I was having digestion and hormone issues.  Keith is very nice, and his program included easy to apply lessons combined with feedback.  Prior to the program, I thought I was eating "healthy" but now I realize that I was not eating on a regular basis, not eating enough food, and not eating the right kinds of food to help my body work properly.  My digestion improvements helped my blood sugar lows, mood swings, middle of the night hunger issues, and helped me gain some weight which makes me feel physically better.  Also, with Keith's guidance and the progesterone drops, my monthly PMS, sick stomach, and "foggy thinking" are gone.  I never thought this change was possible and am so grateful to have this quality of life improvement.  I can't recommend Keith enough to anyone who is experiencing digestion and hormone issues.” Anne

β€œ I first learned about Keith on instagram & was drawn to his non dogmatic and science backed information. When I finally reached out to keith for a consultation I was newly pregnant and had spent the previous 4 years in a really high stress state; i was wanting guidance on: improved digestion, better sleep, lowered anxiety, improved energy, (and a whole host of pregnancy related questions! haha).I felt results right away, and the dietary changes he recommended were simple and easy to implement!! One thing i really appreciate as well is that Keith emphasizes a non-strict and non-stress approach to diet, I think this really makes it easy to follow recommendations and is a great self assessment tool to notice how you feel after eating certain foods. I've had a million questions along the way and Keith has always responded promptly and sent a bunch of great articles on specific topics. Baby is due any day now and i look forward to working with Keith during postpartum and as i ease into my more active and athletic life:) I can't recommend him enough!!! Thanks Keith! Amara