Balanced Body Mind was created by Keith Littlewood to get you moving, looking and feeling at your best.

Keith specialises in back and neck pain, fatigue, digestive dysfunction and areas of health, fitness and wellbeing where people may not have got the results they wanted. Keith has studied areas such as functional medicine, nutrition, biomechanics,  orthopedics and neurology since gaining a Degree in fitness and health.

If you are looking for radical transformations and getting ripped and a six pack this probably isn’t the place for you. If you are looking to get pain free, move efficiently, get stronger and banish issues such as fatigue, digestive, sleep, hormone issues and other modern problems then this is the place to start. From acorns, oak trees will grow and making  small changes can lead to many great changes in how your body looks and functions.

I have used Keith Littlewood several times over the last 2 years in order to help me with several different sports injuries. In each case regular physiotherapists have failed to identify the underlining reason for the injuries and subsequently the injuries recurred. As a bio-mechanic’s expert, Keith has always worked quickly to find the source of the injury which is each case, started with an issue with another part of my body. I have never been anything but impressed and even amazed at Keith’s understanding of the Human body and how we are put together.

Keith has single handily prolonged my sporting career and therefore improved my health / quality of life by a vast amount. I have recommended many people to Keith and without exception I have always received very positive feedback.

A true industry leading expert.’

Paul Hart – First Team Captain of Dubai Dragons Rugby Club (Current UAE premier Champions, Gulf top 6 champions, West Asia Cup Champions, Dubai 7’s Champions)