Understanding the mechanics of an injury and any precursors that contributed to your injury is an essential part of your assessment, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning program.

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Going to the gym and knowing full well what your body needs can be a futile task. If you are interested in staying injury free and getting strong then the program design package is just for you.

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Functional Medicine is an approach to helping people take control of their health concerns, that is patient oriented and which generates results that are often not achieved by traditional practices.

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"Keith specialises in back and neck pain, fatigue, digestive dysfunction and areas of health, fitness and wellbeing where people may not have got the results they wanted. Keith has studied areas such as functional medicine, nutrition, biomechanics, orthopaedics and neurology since gaining a Degree in fitness and health."

"If you are looking for radical transformations and getting ripped and a six pack this probably isn’t the place for you. If you are looking to get pain free, move efficiently, get stronger and banish issues such as fatigue, digestive, sleep, hormone issues and other modern problems then this is the place to start. From acorns, oak trees will grow and making small changes can lead to many great changes in how your body looks and functions."