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Testosterone replacement therapy symptom chasing or necessary

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Autoimmunity Is it really in your genes, gut or something else?

Autoimmunity part 2. Autoimmune paleo diet - the pros and cons

Body temperature and health Why your temperature and pulse can give a better indication than blood tests

Chronic stress, appetite suppression and control. How flexible are you?

Estrogen and aromatase – Keeping the wolves from the door. Lowering estrogen with food.

Seasonal thyroid fluctuations, biology and mood. Light, temperature, hibernation and mood.

What is functional hypothyroidism? It’s not in the books so read about it here.

An energetic approach to restoring gut function: Part 1. Gut health is important but energy is a large factor.

A bioenergetic approach to restoring gut function part 2 and why you probably don’t have food intolerances

Being holistic versus (holistic) critical thinking. Get your head out your smoothie.

Methylene blue A novel approach for resolving cellular damage.

Sleep, stress and Sugar - Eat sugar for better sleep.

Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome - Inheritance, environment and stress

How to keep your chain maintained - Energy systems in health and disease

A biochemical approach to decreasing muscle pain with food and hormones How food influences hormones.

Is testosterone therapy necessary? Hierarchical considerations of T therapy.

Seasonal thyroid fluctuations, biology and mood

Sunlight health and cancer - Sunlight doesn’t cause cancer but are there rules to diet and exposure?

Subclinical hypothyroidism Why endocrinologists should treat it and get more nutrition training

Better gut health with less bacteria - Metchnikoff’s ideas on gut health, autoimmunity and disease.

Gestational diabetes and Metformin - Transgenerational effects of metformin

Osteoporosis, exercise, nutrition and medical advice - Incomplete approaches for bone health.

Health, thyroid and TSH- Does a blood test accurately reflect thyroid health?

Can a bad smell create pain and weakness? Neurological factors in nociception, pain and peripheral feedback.

Why you shouldn’t give up sugar - No it’s not addictive, it doesn’t cause diabetes or cancer.

Sunlight, low level laser therapy/photobiomodulation. Light-the restorer of health.

Using nature to regenerate - Less intense exercise in open spaces is better for health.

MSc Endocrinology Thesis. Beyond Thyroid Stimulating Hormone- Back to Thyroid Basics

Why fruit juice won’t give you cancer Sugar and fruit juice as health promoters.

The big estrogen hoax Progesterone trumps estrogen when it comes to improving biology and health